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sponsor a childWhat Is A Child’s Desire?

A Child’s Desire is a non-profit charity that provides grants for families seeking to adopt hard-to-place children, children with special needs and children over the age of eight.
A Child's Desire, Inc. is a non-profit organization {501(c)(3)} in the truest sense of the word.
It is solely volunteer-based. There are not any salaried employees or board members.
Overhead is kept to a minimum. This is to allow all resources to be used for the primary purpose of facilitating adoptions through financial support.
The average adoption cost $18,000 to $20,000 domestically and $20,000 internationally.
These costs include among others court fees, immigration fees, social worker fees, fingerprinting, bureaucratic fees related to the dossier, medical bills, travel, and translation.

For many potential parents, these costs can require taking out a loan or running up credit card bills, which take away from the resources that could be spent on the child once it is home.

Even worse, these costs are enough to deter some prospective families from undertaking adoption.

Our goal is to help these families with the high expenses of adoption, so that more children can find homes.

Please note that if you can't make a donation, there are many ways you can still help. You could order or renew magazine subscriptions below and 40% of your subscriptions will support adoption grants.
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