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What Is A Child’s Desire?
A Child’s Desire is a non-profit charity that provides grants for families seeking to adopt hard to place children, children with special needs and children over the age of eight.

Our secondary goal is to provide potential adopting parents with resources to make their adoption journey as easy as possible. We understand from personal experience how frustrating the adoption process can be and how overwhelming the financial committment is. We provide fundraising opportunities for all adopting parents. For more information: Adoption Fundraising

We have put together a great resource for parents and their newly adopted international children with country information, ethnic recipes and language resources. For information on the most common countries that U.S. families adopt from click here.

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Visit our fundraising site to find out how you can help bring orphans home. We have many volunteer opportunities and affiliate programs you can join to help us raise money for adoption grants. Visit A Childs Desire Website Now

The Reason We Exist: The Forgotten Children

Imagine being put out on the street to live life on your own without knowing how to write a check, drive a car, take a bus or fill out a job application. Unbelievable, right? Wrong. It happens to thousands of children every year.

These children are orphans. Many are turned out of the orphanage at the age of 16. Some stay on until the age of 18, but few leave the orphanage prepared for life outside.

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The Life of Orphans

Even in the United States, where about 20,000 children are emancipated from the foster care system each year, less than 20% are self-sufficient. Only about half have completed high school. 25% experience homelessness. 60% of the girls have had babies of their own already.

And believe it or not, things look peachy in the U.S. compared to the rest of the great, big world for orphans turned adults.

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