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Types of Adoption

Type of Adoption
Children Available
Approximate Cost
Who Can Adopt
How Long It Takes

Public Agency Adoption
(includes foster/adoption)

an adoption directed and supervised by a state or local Department of Human Services or Social Services
children with special needs (may include emotional or physical disorders, age, race, membership in a sibling group, backgrounds); rarely infants
from $0 to $2,000 (depending on the state, up to $2,000 of "nonrecurring" adoption costs for eligible special needs children may be reimbursed)
flexible eligibility requirements for adoptive parents; on a case-by-case basis
starts slowly, but for those who have an updated home study, placement can occur as soon as a few months after selecting a child
Private Agency Adoption
an adoption directed and supervised by a privately funded, licensed adoption agency
commonly associated with younger children and infants
$8,000 to $30,000; lower for special needs children; some agencies have sliding fee scales
agencies may recruit parents based on race, religious affiliation, etc.; for infant adoptions, birth mother often chooses
a few months to a few years (sometimes longer for infant adoption)
International Adoption
process of adopting a child who is not a U.S. citizen, which may be accomplished privately through an attorney, or through an international adoption agency about 30 countries are open to US adoption at this time; ages range from infant to teens; health conditions vary

$15,000 to $20,000 (varies by country)

travel and travel- related expenses are additional and vary greatly depending on time of year that you travel, choice of airline and hotel, etc.

depends on agency and country requirements; some will accept single parents, most prospective parents are between 25-55 years old; older individuals and couples stand a good chance of being able to adopt internationally
six months to several years depending on the child’s age and health, and the country’s political climate
Independent Adoption (not legal in all states; also known as private adoption.)
an adoption initiated by prospective adopters and completed with help from an attorney or adoption counselor
generally infants $5,000 to $40,000 (includes prospective parents’ cost of finding a birth mother, certain birth mother expenses, and attorney’s fees)
birth mothers typically choose the adoptive parent — preferences tend to run toward younger, affluent, married couples
variable; as long as it takes to find a birth mother who will see the process through to finalization




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