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Your donations support adoption grants for hard to place orphans!

This site receives 3,000+ visitors daily.

We are proud to be completely volunteered-based.

Approximately 400 volunteers have gotten involved in one way or another.

We all help this organization because we care about the children.

We all have a passion for providing a means to give these sweet orphans a warm and loving home.

Many families wish more than anything to adopt, but can't afford the high costs of adoption.

We are here to help.

Meet some our kindhearted volunteers below.

If you'd like to make a contribution or volunteer your time, drop us a line: Grants@aChildsDesire.org.

Tanya Sturman is the founder and director of A Child's Desire. Her paying job is with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries as an administator and educator for the fur and alligator programs. Before that she taught high school German and art appreciation.

child charity director "I had always wanted to have a couple of biological children and adopt the rest. After my second daughter was born, I started the adoption process and was astounded at the cost. I wavered in my conviction to adopt, because it meant taking out a second home mortgage. I realized that there are few financial resources available to adopting families. I decided to go ahead with my own adoption and to start a children's charity to help others realize their dreams of adoption. I firmly believe that money should not be a deterrent in adopting waiting children. The sad fact is that money prevents many loving families from adopting."

Kathy Ply has two beautiful daughters and a degree in psychology and human resource management. She is by nature a child advocate. She serves on the board of A Child's Desire and works with our children's ID fundraising program. Kathy also works as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer.

"My calling in life is to help children. Children are innocent and can't fend for themselves. They need someone to step up to the plate and to take care of them. Every adult should find some way to make a child's life better."

fundraising volunteer

Mona Loring is a dedicated wife and mother. She has a degree in Liberal Studies from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. She owns M. Loring Communications, a worldwide Marketing and PR firm located in California. Although busy with her business, Mona wanted to share her services with those in need.

child charity director "I thank God for everything that I have. I never let myself take anything for granted, so I try my best to help people as much as I can. Children are my main focus with animals and homeless in the running. I believe that if everyone took just a few minutes out of the day to help another, the world would be an incredibly better place for everyone."

Nicole is currently a preschool teacher and a student in AZ working towards getting her elementary teaching degree.

Nicole helps with public relations and marketing for A Child's Desire. She arranged for free advertising on the public transportation system in Tucson, which consisted of 200 interior bus posters promoting adoption awareness.

Patricia Ann-Rosemarie O'Hare-Ippolito is currently studying art, writing, and biblical/pastoral studies. She received her honorary Doctor of Divinity from
St. Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies. She is taking a course in
Caring for God's People to assist in her work as a volunteer Chaplain and Evangelist. She is looking forward to graduating in writing for children and adolescents classes at Bringham Young University. She enjoys singing and is a soloist at her church and when invited, sings at other congregations as well.  She aspires to become a contemporary Christian Artist.

"Since I was adopted, I am blessed to be a part of A Child's Desire.  I hope that I may be able to make a difference in a Childs life, through my volunteering."

A group of students who call themselves the Uggets are traveling the country doing volunteer work. They signed up shoppers at Albertsons to raise money for adoption grants. Visit their website at http://www.uggets.com/

April Morelock works as
a full-time copywriter, ghostwriter, and graphic designer.
Foxhawke's Studio

"Growing up I knew that we didn't always have everything we wanted but we did have the basic necessities - food, shelter, and love. As I grew older, I discovered that there were children that never had those things - that in fact some couldn't even get adequate drinking water.
Now, as an adult with children of my own, I know the truth. Children all over the world go hungry every night. Orphans go years or even decades without a loving, nurturing home. And many of those children have little hope for a bright, happy future. But more than anything I see in my children the possibilities that all orphans deserve - a chance for a loving, nurturing home where they can grow into wonderful, happy human beings.
Right now I can't adopt one of those children... but I can help A Child's Desire. It only takes a few flyers, a well-written letter, or a great article to help so many people - prospective adoptive parents and orphans. "

Nitin Gupta, (PMP, SCPM) works as a Project Manager at Cisco Systems. He's been in the Silicon Valley for almost 10 years now. He consults with A Child's Desire on technical issues.

"Volunteering is my way of reliving stress and at the same time my effort to make a difference."

child charity volunteer

Hemant Sahani is a technical volunteer for A Child's Desire. He is working on our website to increase search engine ranking by suggesting improvements and new techniques.

"I believe that if every person makes some time to give something back to the society, we can make this world a better place."

Sam Mah is a professional web designer. He has 2 years experience in designing accessible and valid web site with Search engine friendly. Also good with Flash and logo design. Sam has volunteered some of the non profit communities in Edmonton, Alberta where he lives.

"I believe in giving back to the community where I could use my skills to help them."

Madhurima Chopde is originally from India. She moved to the United States two years ago. She has a stunningly beautiful, healthy baby, and she feels led to help those children less fortunate. She helps with numerous virtual tasks for A Child's Desire. She makes new contacts via email, researches fundraising opportunities, and puts together resources for adopting parents.


"I had always wanted to help out with children or orphans in some way . A search engine brought up the name of "A Childs Desire". It sounded perfect. There was no way I could pass on that. I'm really glad that a little bit of my time proved to be of some help."

Lauren von Lehe is a volunteer for A Child's Desire. She puts her writing skills to use and has a background in Public Relations, Advertising, and Marketing.

Her introduction to the adoption process, along with the financial frustrations that often arise, started in 1997 when she began providing childcare to a middle-income family who were in the process of adopting three "special needs" children. Lauren currently lives in Arizona and hopes to adopt a child of her own in the future.

Christine McCulloch has earned a B.S. in Agronomy and a M.S. in Agriculture from Stephen F. Austin State University plus a M.Ed. in Agriculture Education from Southwest Texas State University. She is a certified Texas Agriculture and Special Education teacher. During the school year, she is a substitute teacher at secondary level for Pflugerville ISD and Round Rock ISD. Christine is an active volunteer at Wells Branch Community Library. She enjoys drawing with colored pencils.

Christine helped research recipes for twenty different countries for A Child.s Desire. She chose this project because it was an interesting idea of having recipes available for the new parents and her belief in the need for adopting children.

Shamylla Yaser has done internet research for A Child's Desire, so that we can offer free adoption resources to adopting parents. She also wrote an article on adoption, which can be found at http://www.achildsdesire.org/blog.htm Work Resume

"I have been preparing for my CIW Foundations Exam, and one day tired of all the studying and the monotonous routine, started applying for volunteer research work (as I wanted to utilise my internet access for a worthwhile and deserving cause) and came across A Childs Desire. What more - an organisation easing the adoption process, helping needy children to find better homes faster, made me think and I really wanted to be a part of it too!!"

Rachel Lanza is thirty one and has two children Kimberly age eleven and a son Matthew age eight. She volunteers for A Child's Desire by doing adoption awareness in her community.

"I enjoy helping others through volunteering with children, seniors and the disabled."

charity volunteer

Hanan Kuzat did the Arabic translations for our adoption phrases. She is a Mathematics teacher at Tennessee State University since 1994 and especially enjoys working on computers doing webdesign. 

"I decided to volunteer for A Child's Desire to translate English phrases to Arabic, because I have three children and they are my life so I beleive that every family deserve to have a child.  Also I enjoy keeping up with my home language." 

http://www.learn-to-success.com/  Resume

Jenifer Roundtree is 24 years old and from Seattle, Washington. She has helped with public relations through submitting ads in her local paper. She also helps us acquire link exchanges for our website.

"I wanted to volunteer for A Childs Desire because every child deserves a loving family."

Ciara Cosier is a high school junior at Pine Forest High School in Fayetteville, NC. Ciara is captain of the school's marching Band Colorguard team and an active member of the HOSA chapter.

"My decision to volunteer was an easy one and so far I have hung up flyers for A Child's Desire and plan to do more in the future!"

Even if you can't make a donation, there are many ways you can still help. Purchase or renew magazine subscriptions below and 40% of your subscriptions will support adoption grants. Or click here to learn about our other popular affiliate programs.


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